Our Events

Naji reading at book launch
Co-Author Naji Mujahid reading at the Writing Our Way Out book launch.

We have spoken at churches, universities, high schools, nonprofit organizations, conferences, bookstores, art galleries, and book festivals.

Our events cover mass incarceration, breaking the cycle of crime, addiction, trauma, and recovery, the healing power of writing, and the inspirational power of teaching writing.

We have given keynote speeches, teacher workshops, classroom presentations, book club talks, radio interviews, and interventions for at-risk teens.

Since Writing Our Way Out was published in 2015, the authors have given over sixty talks in four states and the District of Columbia often to large, diverse crowds.  Writing Our Way Out has also inspired a play, an original piece of choral music, a criminal justice diversion program, and a podcast.

crowd at book launch
The Writing Our Way Out book launch.

Book Launch

November 19, 2015, Black Iris Gallery

The Thread of Truth, Sound of Music Recording Studios, September 8, 2016

Dean Turner, Kelvin Belton, Stan Craddock, Dave Coogan

Book Talk – Union Presbyterian Seminary, April 5, 2017

Stan Craddock, Dave Coogan, Naji Mujahid, Tony Martin


December 12, 2018

Kelvin Belton, Dave Coogan


Musical Adaptation by VCU Music Professor Tony Garcia

May 3, 2018

Contact us if you would like to book an event.


To book an event, workshop, consultation or just to ask questions and share your thoughts about Writing Our Way Out, email Dave.

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