Writing Our Way Out: The Podcast Audio Vault

Writing Our Way Out – The Podcast Quarantine Season – Episode 1: The Writing and the Living
Writing Our Way Out: The Podcast Episode 3: Mother Love
Writing Our Way Out: The Podcast Episode 2: The Meaning of Manhood
Writing Our Way Out:The Podcast Episode 1: The Race Question
Writing Our Way Out: The Podcast Preview Episode

Taking a deep dive from the stories in Writing Our Way Out: Memoirs from Jail, this show probes all of the conditions, traps, and turning points on the path to imprisonment in America and shines the light toward freedom. Each show features a guest expert searching with the authors for a deeper insight about life and inspiring truths about how to live life.

Season 1: Childhood – takes us back to the beginning when the men are still forming their core identities. What will they carry with them from childhood? Which stories will sustain them? Which will subvert their hopes and dreams?

Episode 1: The Race Question – On this episode, we ask what happens when African-American children first encounter the reality of racism. What do they do with it? How do they process it? Can their encounters with racism influence their behavior? Could it even influence the turn to crime?  

Episode 2: The Meaning of Manhood – On this episode, we look at our childhoods and upbringings, our earliest experiences, and how our early backgrounds shaped our adult lives.

Episode 3: Mother Love – In the third episode of Writing Our Way Out – The Podcast, we follow Dean through the beatings he received as a child to see how they led him into the criminal justice system.

Season 1.5: The Podcast Quarantine Season – This special season’s content comes from the essays being drafted for the new book, Writing Your Way Out, which guides you through the process of writing your life story.

Episode 1: The Writing and the Living – If you are stuck in a prison of the mind, I feel like I know you and might even be able to help you.

Season 2: Crime – explores their lives as young men, including the tragic turn to crime. Did they choose this life or had they simply become products of their environments?

Season 3: Prison – brings us behind bars where they struggle in their writing to figure out what went wrong in and how they can fix it.

Season 4: Reentry – carries us through that intersection where the writing meets the living, where the memoir gives way to the new man.

Preview Episode: On this episode, we preview how the show works and what to expect from Writing Our Way Out: The Podcast.


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