S1 – E9: How to Play the Game

When Kelvin Belton was just a kid discovering his talent for basketball, he wanted to go to the NBA. But no one in his world even knew how to get him into college. They knew how to sell drugs, so Kelvin watched and learned from them instead. And he excelled at that game. Calvin Duncan faced similar personal struggles when he was young and discovering his talent for basketball. But he did get to college–to VCU, earning a place in VCU Basketball Hall of Fame, and a draft pick for the Chicago Bulls. What made it possible for Calvin to succeed in the game? What can we do to help the young Kelvins and young Calvins of today learn how to make it in life? 

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This show is taped in Richmond, Virginia and hosted by David Coogan. The theme music is by Chris Coogan. The show is produced by Robb Crocker. The executive producer is David Coogan.

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